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12 hours :People curfew in India to prevent Corona


12 hours: The pandemic is going on all over the world. We have seen the death by the corona virus that began in China. Today, it has started pandemic in the world. At present, the situation in Italy has surpassed China. According to the World Health Organization’s Last Situation Report, the total number of confirmed patients in China is 81300, the death is -3253, the number of new deaths is 11. But in Italy, total confirmed case-41035, total confirmed new cases-5322, total deaths-3407 and total new deaths- 429.

The situation in Italy is worsening day by day. The Corona virus is spreading rapidly in Spain, Germany, and France. According to the World Health Organization’s latest data of 19/03/2020, the total confirmed cases of India-195, total confirmed new cases-44 total deaths-4, total new deaths-1.

People curfew in India to prevent Corona

In this situation, India’s Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Damodar Modi has taken a big step to avoid Corona. He issued Janata curfew on 22-03-2020. On that day, all the shops, malls, people everywhere were told to vacate. He has said that to keep his prisoners in his home for 14 hours on public welfare and in the welfare of the country.

According to experts, the Corona virus lives for 12 hours. So if we keep ourselves occupied for 14 hours and keep all the markets closed, then no human beings will be affected. Because within 12 hours of that 14 hours the virus will be killed.

The Indian Prime Minister welcomed such a move, by the Indians and the World Health Organization.

Take a look at WHO’s data 19-03-2020.




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