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Hemant Soren’s Oath Ceremony In Jharkhand.

Hemant Soren is comparatively new to politics and definitely does not have the persona similar to either his father ‘Guruji’ Shibu Soren.However, the bespectacled...

Alia Bhat post her new Film Name in Instagram.

Alibha Bhat`s life began as a child struggle in the film 'Sangharsa', where she starred as young Preet Jinta, but her career as a...

Why Burnt puppets of Farah,Ravina & Bharati?

Farah Khan is an Indian film director, producer, actress and choreographer. He has made himself known in many Bollywood films for choreography. He has...

Healthy Kidney: Do you need healthy Kidney?

To get healthy Kidney: According to doctors,The kidney is an extremely important organ in our body. And a lot depends on whether or not...

Katrina kaif post Sooryabanshi shooting pic.

Katrina kaif post her Sooryabanshi pic with Akshay kumar in Instagram: Katrina's career started with modeling when she was 14 years old. While modeling,...

Benefits of Vitamin K in Human Body.

Vitamin K: Vitamins are the main source of energy in our bodies. Different types of vitamins add strength to our body. Vitamin A, B,...

Solar Eclipse 26 December 2019 Surya Grahan

What is solar eclipse? We have all heard or seen the solar eclipse, but do you know what is called solar eclipse? In fact,...

Paresh Rawal:Why Rohingya want to come to India?

 Paresh Rawal is an Indian film actor. He is also a Member of Parliament for the Ahmedabad East Parliamentary constituency on the ticket of...

Apple: Health benefit of Apple.

Apple is a type of fruit. It belongs to the genus Melius domestica of the Rosaceae family. Apple is basically popular for its sweet...

What is Biodiversity and relation with Budget plan.

Biodiversity: speaks about the diversity of living species and the complex environment in which they live. From the desert to the tropical rain forest,...