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What is the number of coronary virus dead?

Corona virus has been the cause of panic for nearly a month. At present, the death toll in China is around 2840 According to the...

Debate between Vijender Singh & Paresh Rawal

I got to see a lot of comments on Delhi's heated social media. Some are against, but the situation is under control though. There...

Donald Trump: How was Trump’s India Visit?

US President Donald Trump arrived in India on a two-day visit. He was first given a formal reception at theRashtrapati Bhavan. Donald Trump also visited...

Upper Back Fat: How to reduce Upper back fat

People are in the workplace as the days change and these days change. And especially women are in such a disorder that it becomes...

Corona Virus: Arsenicum album 30

Corona virus is another name for fear around the world. The corona virus begins to kill humankind from China and continues today. Corona Virus: Arsenicum...

Rajinikanth in Discovery with Bear Grills.

Man Vs. Wild: Discovery Channel, the world renowned. One called Bayer Grills. Man Versus Wild of Bear Grills is very dear to every human...

Why need cancer insurance?Best insurance for you

The only sensation that can be heard is that of a ghost movie. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), India currently has the...

Diabetes:How healthy artificial sweeteners are?

Diabetes is a scary cause for everyone at present. And to overcome this fear, everyone uses artificial sweeteners. However, whether we have diabetes or...

Breast cancer:How do you understand?

Breast Cancer: The pink stripes meant for breast cancer were first used by Evelyn Lauder. Exactly 25 years ago. Lauder, who has died aged...

Diabetes can reduce the 4 best herbs.

We have discussed diabetes before. Diabetes has become like a useful thing in daily life. Diabetics will surely be available for every family. You...