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4 stages of the corona,India is now Stage Two.


Corona is now a headache worldwide. It starts in China. Gradually the whole world is about to devour it. Not just Italy but spread to America, Spain, India and other countries. At present, there is evidence of coronary infection in the body of 366880 people, according to world meters report. The number of fat recovery patients is 101,065. In all, 16,098 people have died in a short period of time. The number of patients infected with COVID-19 in India has increased.

There are 4 stages of the corona virus. India is now Stage Two. Let’s see what these 4 stages are and what are the stages two?

Stage One:

Coronary Virus Infected Patients Return from Their Infected Countries That is, only those who have traveled abroad are tested positive.

Stage Two:

Stage two is a local infection from all those affected. For example, the disease spreads to others through relatives or acquaintances that have traveled abroad. In this case very few people are affected. Because it can know the source of the virus and treatment can be started very easily.

Stage Three:

Stage Three is a stage that can take terrible form. Because when the disease spreads in a community way and people from large areas are infected. Regardless of contact with an infected patient, or visiting a foreign country, even if someone has been infected with the disease. At this stage, it is not possible to identify where the virus came from in the body of the infected. Such as Italy and Spain today on Stage Three.

Stage Four:

The most awful stage of all. Because at this time the disease takes the form of an epidemic without anyone’s touch.



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