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5 Ways to Treat Allergy by Home Remedy


There is body, and then there is disease. There are various problems for this disease. If this problem is the case with food then you will feel bad. When you are not able to eat your favorite food, you have to feel bad because of illness?

Your favorite food is egg yolk, or shrimp or crab.

But all is out of your reach. But you couldn’t eat. Because you are not afraid of allergies. Those who have allergic problems with the food, they are exposed to allergies when they come in contact with many things in the environment. Allergies are so irritating that you are bothered about everything. We do not forget to eat emergency tablets.

Allergies can occur in different ways. One person has one type of allergy. Allergic to sand can be seen in a person. Someone else is allergic to food for example, egg fish and shrimp. However, one person has allergies, and they come from a variety of things. One of them is dust. Many have dust allergies. However, it is rarely human.

There are also different types of food. Most are from seafood. Examples include allergies and clothing allergies to various herbs, such as shrimp fish and dairy products. There are some people who are allergic to sweeter in winter.

Allergies hit our skin so that the skin becomes reddish. In most cases, they are allergic to food. It is allergic to eggs, eggplant and shrimp.

However, people with allergies to sand are very rare. This type of allergy makes it very difficult to get around. Because of such problems, the outside wash, the sharpness of the sand sun causes allergies.

5 Ways to Treat Allergy by Home Remedy

Again, this dust or something outside the body gets allergic to it. However good from the outside but light cough inside. Because it causes problems in our lungs. This type of allergy is called asthma allergy.

But we can easily get rid of this allergy By using some simple methods, we can get rid of this irritation. There are some foods that will help reduce your allergies. Such as lemon, garlic, honey and vegetables.


As we all know, vitamin C is available from lemon. And this lemon helps to increase the immune system of our body. Antioxidant ingredients in lemon can relieve our allergies. Eat lemons in salads or salads that you will greatly benefit from.


Garlic helps to cure various diseases in our body. According to experts, garlic is a natural antibiotic. It helps protect you from various types of viruses. That is why it increases your immunity. So garlic is very useful in allergies.


Eat one tablespoon of honey in a glass of water every morning to get rid of allergies.

Eat green vegetables

In today’s age we have become accustomed to eating fast food. Not only that, fish, meat does a lot of harm to our body just as it does. Now if we increase the intake of vegetables, the body will have many benefits and our immunity strength will increase.

A mixture of turmeric, tamarind and Neem leaves.

You can also easily get rid of allergies. Mix equal amounts of turmeric powder, tamarind powder and Neem leaves powder. Every morning, eating one teaspoon of mixed powdered and some water, you will get better benefits.


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