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7 tips for working women to stay healthy


7 tips for working women to stay healthy: We, boys, understand how unusual it is to work all day. Then many working women must be in the same situation as our boys. Besides, I saw my wife coming home from work very tired. I often told her and her co-workers to go on a diet that would bring energy to the body and keep her healthy. So I thought my diet plan could benefit many working women. Not something very difficult but. If you follow the rules, you will be active even after working all day. Moreover, the impression of age on the body and face will be late. Follow the tips below-


However, regular exercise is important to keep yourself fit. Women in our country do not attach much importance to exercise. But due to so much stress and work pressure every day, women get the impression of fast age, become weak, and suffer from various diseases. So to keep the body fit and old for a long time, make it a habit to exercise at least half an hour every day. You can do any kind of freehand exercise.

Keep the diet consistent and diversified

If the same food is eaten every day, then the feeling of monotony goes away. So bring a variety in your diet, you have to take care of the diet so that it is balanced. Since women are more prone to anemia than men, there must be a vegetable item at lunch every day. Also, for a fresh salad and calcium, put any dairy products such as curd, cheese, or buttermilk in your diet chart.

Women working in the office choose food from the following groups in their daily diet-
Vegetables and fruits, grains and fiber foods, legumes (beans, peas, pulses, etc.) k, fish, meat, eggs, fat-free milk, and various oils.


According to experts, those who go to work for breakfast have better performance throughout the day than those who go to work after a cup of coffee in the morning and do not get tired easily. Many people avoid breakfast thinking that they will gain weight. But it increases your body’s metabolism so don’t gain weight. This breakfast must be with the addition of sugar and some protein. If there is any fruit with it, the deficiency of vitamins and minerals will also be filled. You can have oats, bread sandwiches, cornflakes, etc. every morning. You can also eat fruit or milk.

Take homemade lunch to your workplace
Take the lunch prepared from home. Many people eat out at noon under the pressure of the extra work that they do. It does not have a balanced diet; it does not even meet the deficiencies of various essential elements in the body. So take some time out and make lunch from home. For example, you can take brown rice, egg sandwich, chicken sandwich, pasta, vegetable, or fruit salad.
Avoid drinking extra tea or coffee at work.

The office usually has a coffee maker or tea facility, so a few cups of tea are consumed throughout the day. Excess caffeine makes you dehydrated, which means you are dehydrated. So quit the habit of drinking more than 2 cups of tea or coffee a day.

Avoid eating junk food in the office

In the office, everyone usually eats snacks. It does not have any nutritional value; on the contrary, some extra fat is stored in our body. So instead of eating this junk food, you can eat any fresh fruit, dates, almonds, almonds, etc. And during hot weather, you can eat juicy fruits like orange, watermelon, mango, ripe papaya, etc.


Many working women skip dinner for fear of gaining weight. But diet does not mean not eating. A balanced diet is needed at night just like lunch. You can eat salads such as wheat bread, 100 grams of rice, and pulses, lean meat, or fish.

Drink plenty of water

Lack of water causes dehydration which makes you weak and exhausted. So always keep a bottle of water with you. Put a bottle of water on the office desk. Then even if there is a lot of work pressure, water will be consumed in between. Drink one and a half to two liters of water every day.


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