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Adnan in Big Boss 13 promoting his new song

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Adnan Sami is a singer-song writer. Adnan was born on August 15, 1969 in London, UK. Adnan’s father’s name is Arshad Shami Khan, his mother’s name is Nourin Khan.

Adnan first performed on the film in 1994 and received a wide following. Adnan Saami made his lead role in the Pakistani film struggle in 5 and composed the song of that film.

Adnan saami in Big Boss 13 promoting his new song

Then he rose to fame in 2000, when Adnan Sami gained huge public interest in his video songs ” KaviĀ  To Nazar Milao” and “Thorie Si To Lift Cara De”. And today the album “KaviĀ  To Nazar Milao” is still popular. Thorisito Lift kara De was featured in the then superstar Govinda.

Adnan Sami reached Bigboss 13. Suddenly why he is in Big boss. Big boss is moving towards that last stop. Adnan Sami arrives with his family at the Big boss episode. Her new reached out to the Sami family to promote her new album.


Adnan Sami is busy promoting his Yad Aya song. In this regard, he approached Salman Khan on the superheat TV show. With him his wife and his daughter also reached this stage. Adnan took his daughter in his lap and stood next to Salman Khan and took a picture. He wrote while sharing the photo on Instagram – with his brother Salman Khan at the Bigg Boss 13 house last night. Watch the weekend war with Salman Khan. We had enough fun.


Not only that, he has also published his album First Look on social media. Like Ginger Sharma has also posted his new song on social media. Adnan Sami also announced that Valentine’s Day will be released on his album on February 11.


Another Twitter post of Adnan Sami.


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