Anupam did not allow Anil to enter the house

Corona Panic around the World. Corona virus has spread throughout China, starting from China. Corona is swallowing the whole world. America, France and even Italy are in dire straits today. The number of infections is increasing day by day.

Various notices have been issued in India to handle this situation. Maharashtra has the highest number of people affected. Mumbai resident is suffering from panic. Not only this, people in other states of the country, including Mumbai, are being made aware.

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Most actors and actresses have imprisoned themselves.

Yesterday, the people of the country celebrated the curfew on 22/2/220 and thanked the health workers and soldiers at 5pm.

In this situation Anupam Kher shares a video on Instagram. It shows Anil Kapoor in front of his house. Anil Kapoor says let him down. But Anupam Kher is not trying to get down. He will not even allow Anil Kapoor to enter the house.

Not only that, Anil Kapoor sings for fun, “Tere ghar ke samne , ek baneyegaye”. Anupam Kher wrote in the post, “I did not even allow my most loved man to go home.” It’s time to show love. If you really love someone, set yourself apart.

Let’s show this post.

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