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Anupam Kher’s mother, brother and 4 members of the family are suffering from corona


Anupam Kher’s mother, brother and 4 members of the family are suffering from corona: Corona infestation is increasing day by day. Anupam’s family from Big-B’s family is suffering from this disease.
Actor Anupam Kher’s mother, brother, and 4 members of his family are suffering from Corona. Actor Anupam Kher tweeted this himself. At the instant, his mother Dulari Kher and other members of the family are admitted to Kokila Ben Hospital, the actor said.

Anupam Kher wrote at Social media, “My mother Dulari Kher isn’t infected. Mild symptoms of corona have appeared on his body. We admitted him to Kokilaben Hospital. My brother, Baudi, nephew, despite following the warning, their corona test report came positive. I did the test. However, my Covid-19 test report is negative.

He said during a video message on social media, “My mother has been feeling sick for several days. We do all the tests including blood tests, CT scans. Then there are the mild symptoms of her COVID. it’s known that he’s Covid-19 positive. My brother, I, and therefore the remainder of the family stick with him, so I do the test. My report is negative but brother Raju’s report is positive. Later, when Brothers’ wife and brother’s daughter were tested, their report was also found to be positive. However, the nephew’s report came back negative.

We admitted my mother to Kokilaben Hospital. And my brother, brother’s wife, brother’s daughter beats the house quarantine. we’ve informed BMC. BMC is doing alright. My brother’s home is being sanitized on their behalf. And it’s my duty to tell all of you. If someone in your family feels sick, no, get tested directly. Physicians do alright in difficult situations. Praise for them is going to be less. you’ve got love on behalf of me and my family; I hope everyone will recover soon.


In Anupam Kher’s tweet, Lata Mangeshkar wrote, “I pray to God that your mother, brother, brother’s wife, and your brother’s daughter recover soon.”


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