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Apricot: Here 6 health benefits of apricot.


 Here 6 top  health benefits of apricot.

Apricots fruit may be unknown to many. Apricot looks like apple but its seeds are different. This is a huge succulent fruit. It looks like some yellow orange lemon again. It is one of the many fruits of the world and its many benefits. From the 100 grams of apricots we get about 12% of our body’s vitamin C and even 6% of calcium. Every day an apricot gives us the ability to fight disease in many ways in our body.

 1) Apricot is a source of vitamins. We get a lot of vitamins from apricots. Called retinal. Apricot helps to increase the eyesight. Apricot contains retinal and beta-carotene that help reduce our risk of neurovascular ARMD.

2) According to experts, apricot is a source of dietary fiber. These apricot fruits are easily dissolved in the body. It works very fast in the body; it helps break down fatty acids faster. That is why the digestion process improves.

3) We try to eat antioxidant foods daily. But not all foods have sufficient antioxidants. You know what ripe apricots is a natural source of antioxidants. Eating an apricot every day helps our body release toxins from the body. According to experts, antioxidants help destroy the cell’s harmful free radicals.

4)  Do you know that everyone wants to keep their heart healthy? Apricot is very important for our heart. This result can keep our heart healthy. This apricot helps reduce the harmful cholesterol in the body and also helps protect the heart. These fruits help to increase the levels of beneficial cholesterol in the body, as well as the amount of potassium balances the levels of electrolytes in the body, which makes the heart healthy.

5) Apricot contains vitamin C which helps to keep the skin of the human body beautiful. Apricot is the source of Vitamin C.

6) We need a lot of calcium in our body for bone formation, growth and development. Apricot contains a lot of calcium which helps in the formation, growth and development of bones. Apricots contain both calcium and potassium, which are very important to our body.

These apricots contain iron that helps prevent anemia.


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