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Are you taking care of the eyes, what is the nutrition in eye care?


Are you taking care of the eyes, what is the nutrition in eye care?: Just as every part of our body plays a very important role in us, so our eyes are so important that it is very difficult for us to survive without them. The eyes show us the way.
Then think of those who are in this lucrative world. But they can’t see the world with two eyes, how painful their suffering is. Just so they can enjoy this beautiful world. That’s why you need to take proper care of your eyes. So if you want to take care of your eyes, you need proper nutrition.

It is often seen that eye problems from birth or a few years after birth may be due to the fact that the child did not get proper nutrition during pregnancy. However, for eye care, we need to have nutritious food in our daily diet
So the question remains what kind of food is needed for eye nutrition?

There are two types of nutrients that our eyes need. Essential and essential elements and non-essential elements. Non-essential elements are made inside our bodies. But the essential ingredients come from outside food.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the most important ingredient for the eyes. Many times the body is deficient in this vitamin due to various diseases. Generally, boys need 900 micrograms of vitamin A and girls to need 600 micrograms of vitamin A every day. If you want to get this vitamin, you should eat leafy vegetables like spinach. Vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, and colorful fruits like papaya, mango, etc. This type of result contains beta carotene which our body converts to vitamin A. In addition to vitamins, the eyes need anti-oxidants, fatty acids

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps to absorb other nutrients including beta carotene. It is obtained from almond, Chinese almond, corn oil. This vitamin helps in increasing eyesight.

Among the anti-oxidants are lutein and xanthenes which are very useful. These two anti-oxidants eliminate various eye problems due to normal vision, cataract prevention, and busyness. These two can be found in corn, oranges, and broccoli.

Fatty Acid

The most essential fatty acids for the eyes are omega three DHA and omega-three EPA. These two types of fatty acids play an important role in the formation of retinal muscles. These two can be found in oily fish, linseed oil, mustard oil, tofu, walnuts, and eggs.
Among the minerals, the name of zinc will come first. Zinc protects the eye pigment. Fatty acids can be found in fish and eggs. So try to keep this kind of food in the diet.


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