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Are you the story of an Oscar winning movie?

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Oscar win Parasite: From every movie industry to director, producer, protagonist and heroine, everyone wants a movie that goes hand in hand with the Oscar Award.

Yes it is, the South Korean film Parasite Cinema has made history by winning the Best Film Award at the 2020 Oscars.

It was the first time in the history of the Oscars 92 years ago that a  Asian film won the Best Feature Film Award.

The parasite film by the film’s producer Kovac Sin Sin and director Bong Joon-ho was nominated for a total of six awards.

Not only that, Parasite Cinema received an Oscar for Best Director as well as Best Director, Best International Feature Film and Very Beautiful Drama. The film also won a prize at BAFTA for its original screenplay.

According to the story, Parasite Cinema is a black comedy movie and in the movie, Bong Joon-ho is trying to show the struggle between people for social inequality, capitalism and basic amenities.

The movie congratulates South Korean President Moon Jae In-joon-ho and everyone involved with the film, for the Oscars, and he says “thank you for showing the story of the struggle of people struggling in difficult situations.”

Are you the story of an Oscar winning movie?

The story of the movie deals with the relationship between two families where one recognized family relies on the service of another family and the other family relies on the first family property to feed itself. You can tell the story about the Kim family. And Kim is the head of the family – Taek and his family work fairly. A friend of the family’s son, Ki-ur, told him one day that he would pay tuition to the daughter of a wealthy family (Park family) but he had to go abroad for further studies.

After meeting the Park family anyway, Ki-woo learns that if he wants to find a better life, he must be involved with this family.

Then when he found out that when the Park family needed an art teacher for their son, he suggested for his sister’s name, and he did a fake degree for his sister.

Not only that, he relinquished all the servants of the park and used his family members in the park family to lead a comfortable life.

However, the movie was a fight made for people to save lives.


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