Home News Australia is burning:Burnt Kangaroo.

Australia is burning:Burnt Kangaroo.


Australia is burning:Some time ago we were exposed to the Amazon Fire. At the moment of his passing, the devastating fire broke out in Australia’s New South Wales state. Arsenal’s fire is out of control. So there was an emergency in New South Wales, Australia. In November and December of the same year, an emergency was issued for some days, which lasted about a week.

The current situation in Australia is far direr than ever. Extra power has been put on fire by emergency and disaster relief workers Because of this, fire-fighters are able to evacuate an area on an emergency basis. The arrangement will be effective from Friday morning Because people are fleeing their homes to save lives. Here`s people have taken shelter on the south coast for the last few days to escape the fire. Smoke and ash are not breathing properly….. Hot and hot.

Australia is burning: Burnt Kangaroo.

Thousands of people rushed out of their cars to leave the area when the wind speed dropped slightly on Thursday morning. The flames spread everywhere, making it difficult for the vehicles to operate.First Thursday; intense traffic jams have been created in areas adjacent to the southern seaboard. The anger of the common people has been created.

Due to the fire, Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday said that appropriate measures would be taken to protect the environment according to Australia’s emissions reduction policies. He said the cabinet’s National Security Committee will meet on Monday to discuss more ships and helicopter use and other issues.

About 7 million wildlife have died in the blaze Thousands of koalai died only 8 An area of ​​5.5 million hectares is burnt to a fire More than 5 houses have been burned to ashes New Zealand’s capital Auckland has also been covered by Australian fire At present, about 4 million people are in the grip of this poisonous smoke All those horrific, heartbreaking pictures are coming up one after the other on social media. Sometimes a photo of a burnt koala, sometimes a burning tiger’s head, or a dead kangaroo hanging on a thorn.



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