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Dipankar Gharami is the admin of Incometec Lates News .He is the power of our team.He want to do social work and help to others people. He know that all peace has hidden in Help to people. He always want to do some new and always obey that honesty is the Best policy for achieve.

What to do if chicken pox?And vaccine age.

What to do if chicken pox?:  Now, with the changing of the season in many places, it is heating up. Seasonal changes mean different...

How to play Ludo at home online?

Ludo game as we all knows. We are all familiar with Ludu. Currently the Ludo game is widely spread online. Corona panic around the...

How to find the best smartphone?

How to find the best smartphone? Mobile Buying Tips - Mobile is one of the most essential things at present. We may not eat...

What to do if jaundice?

Jaundice:  As the seasons change, human bodies often have problems catching many. Colds, coughs, especially. In addition to this, many times, such as jaundice,...

Why need antioxidant foods?

Anti-oxidant:  In today's era, most people in the city, from village to village, are aware of the health. Most people take care of their...

Are you doing Gym, eating food right?

In today's age, the boy says or girl everyone wants to stay fit. Someone to reduce the body fat to show yourself beautiful. In...

Corona: How to increase the body’s immunity?

How to increase the body's immunity?: Every country in the world is alarmed by the horror of this. Experts in this situation are making...

Lock down USA, including India,to avoid corona

Today the world is shocked. Every human being is terrified. China is starting to die here. It is shaking the world today. In all...

Corona virus: How are China and other countries?

Corona is not fun; it is the main medicine of corona at this time to obey the government order of different countries. In order to...

Coroner virus curfew about 50 countries with india

The whole world is now looking at science. The only trust is science. Because Corona is stationed all over the world. Starting from China,...