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Best Indian food that will keep you healthy


Luxury is not found in people who do not like life. And the people who eat these foods eat different kinds of junk food according to their taste.

Outdoor eating is more preferred than eating at home all day long. Every man wants a good meal at the end of the day.

Yes, but people who live in India love to eat different kinds of foods. There are some foods in Indian food that help to keep mankind healthy.

However, the foods that Indians eat in general are no longer needed for a diet. Let’s show some Indian foods. Best food that will not allow the body to become fat?

Bread (Roti Or Chapatti)

The bread was initially the food of some states. At present, bread is on the main food list. The bread is usually made from wheat flour. At present, multigrain flour is available in the market, which is made with wheat, sorghum and millet but it is also very fiber rich. It keeps our stomach clean, maintains proper carbohydrates and gives us energy. It is good to eat normal bread to keep yourself fit. Because many people prefer to grind in oil or grilled bread.

Best Indian food that will keep you healthy


India is the main country of agriculture. Paddy is one of the major cultivars of the country. The rice we usually eat is just good in taste and high in calories. In the previous day, people used to make loose rice, called brown rice. It is full of fiber. That’s why dieticians say to eat this rice. But you can eat one or two loaves with rice.

Indian Curries

 Indians think to eat or to have curry in bread. It is either mixed or seasoned in a mixable vegetable. This curry is not overly spicy. Generally spices are low, food is very useful for our body. Various types of green vegetables such as spinach, potato, red potatoes, Cauliflower, Barrier, carrots, beets, radish, etc. help keep our body healthy. Again you can put cheese curry in the food. That will give you two flavors, calcium and protein. take normal food and burn fat.


Varieties of pulses are found in India. I like to have pulses and these pulses on a daily basis. Whether it be bread or bread.

And these pulses are very nutritious. There are vitamins A, B, C and E. Besides, it has minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium. And it is a source of very good amino acids. So if you start a diet you can eat other mung pulses off the pulses, as it contains less fat.

 Yogurt can contain yogurt, some tactile foods that will help keep you healthy.


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