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BJP candidate of the Haryana Assembly elections.


BJP candidate Babita Phogat, Yogeshwar Dutt in the Haryana Assembly elections: In the Haryana Assembly elections, the BJP candidate for the Karnal Kendra, Manohar Lal Khattar, is named in the list of BJP candidates Babita Phogat and Yogeshwar Dutt (Yogeshwar Dutt). BJP’s general secretary Arjun Singh said on Monday that seven MLAs will be contesting in this year’s assembly polls.

The BJP has announced the names of six candidates for the first phase of the Haryana assembly elections. A day earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with Amit Shah, were arguing with the senior leaders of the party, after which a three-hour meeting in New Delhi had published the first list of candidate candidates for the Girua camp. Haryana BJP president Subhash Barala will fight from the Tohana center. Babita Fogat will contest from Dadri Center and Yogeshwar Dutt will contest in Baroda. Two BJP ministers Rao Badshahpur’s Narbir Singh and Faridabadek Bipul Goal will also contest this year’s assembly elections.

Jat leader and wife of former Union Minister Virender Singh, who had won the Uchana Kalan Kendra in the 26 polls, will contest from the center this time too. In Haryana’s first-ever BJP candidate list, there are 3 women and one Muslim.

Babita Fogat and her father joined the BJP last August. Three times gold and silver wrestlers were born in the Commonwealth. He and his father created a riot film in which Aamir Khan played.

Haryana Assembly term ends November 2 The results of the Assembly elections in Haryana and Maharashtra on October 25, three days after the announcement of the results. The last date for filing nominations is October 1 and the last day for withdrawal of nominations is October 8.



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