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Breast cancer:How do you understand?


Breast Cancer: The pink stripes meant for breast cancer were first used by Evelyn Lauder. Exactly 25 years ago. Lauder, who has died aged 75, created the pink ribbon campaign for breast cancer awareness with her friend Alexandra Penney, the former editor-in-chief of Self magazine; in 1992. It was through this ribbon that his original aim was to raise awareness against breast cancer worldwide. Not only that, he was also a cancer survivor. Various types of awareness camps were organized in January-February, especially to raise awareness of breast cancer.

According to a cancer expert, there is no age difference in breast cancer. However, 30-50 year old suffer the most from breast cancer. Be aware of this disease from the beginning. According to experts, not all breast pumps or tumours have cancer. But to keep yourself healthy, checkups are essential once a year or once a year.

Why is this cancer spreading so much?

The trend of smoking and alcoholism has increased among girls these days. That is why such feminine diseases are becoming more prevalent. This is one of the reasons why the period is unhealthy. In addition, a lack of awareness is responsible for this.

Women face office, do housework and not look at themselves too much. Whatever care they need, whatever setbacks remain. Exercise, diet, overweight, stress, smoking and drinking are also factors.

Breast cancer, how do you understand?

Breast cancer, called late marriage or non-marriage or having no children, can cause cancer. Menstruation, which is the beginning of the period, at an early age. Even if you do not breast feed your baby, there is a risk of cancer. If a woman has breast or ovarian cancer earlier in the family, the risk is higher.

How do you know if you have cancer?

Be your own doctor every day. Like what you know from your breast cancer or have symptoms? According to experts, from what you understand, let’s see.

Each day you take a bath during the bath to see for yourself whether a lump is being created. Painless lamps are more severe.

The nipple is the most sensitive part of the nipple. If the nipple is touched but there is no feeling or feeling unwell, then it is very likely to be breast cancer.

Keep an eye on your under arm as breast lumps are often done in the under arm. There are also lumps around the nostrils that are hard to press and do not change position. In that case, seek the assistance of a doctor.

Breast feeding is not done many times, but be aware of the fact that aqueous substances like milk are being removed from the nipples.

Symptoms of this disease are nausea or swelling in the breast, redness of the breast, pain in the hands of the breast. However, before the period, many breasts become heavy and pain. This is normal

If you have itching in your breast without any rash, tell your doctor. Itching is also an early sign of cancer.


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