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BulBul: Cyclone Bulbul is finally in Bangladesh.

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How is the name of this Cyclone:This practice was first introduced in the case of cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean. Storms that exceeded 39 miles per hour were named special honors. If the wind speed exceeded 74 miles an hour, it was divided into a hurricane, cyclone, or typhoon. In the present age, the honor of naming a storm is given only if it is one of the three. To date, the tropical cyclone is officially renamed to one of eleven alert centres under the World Meteorological Organization. All names were submitted to the regional Tropical Cyclone Committee for final approval. Once the name is finalized it cannot be changed, unless the storm causes too much death or destruction of property. For example, who put the name ‘Phani’? Answer: Bangladesh. The Regional Specialized Meteorological Center of Delhi accepted the nomination proposal.

Cyclone Bulbul is finally in Bangladesh:Cyclone Bulbul has caused massive destruction in Bangladesh. Six people have died in the grip of the storm, while 36 fishermen have been reported missing. Officials said on Sunday that people were evacuated to safer places before the storm, which resulted in fewer lives.According to the administration, about 30 people were injured and more than 6 thousand houses were damaged due to cyclone Bulbul.

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Five of the six killed have died due to felling of trees. Those killed include a 52-year-old woman, who stayed in a shelter home on Saturday night to escape the poofan, and was at her home on Sunday when she died after falling from a tree.A local resident of South Bhola district said that two fishing boats are still missing.

The family members are also unable to contact the people present in Nava. There is currently no news of any major damage to the camps in southeast Bangladesh, where thousands of refugees from neighboring Myanmar are living.More than 2 million people living in 13 coastal districts of Bangladesh were shifted to about 5,558 shelter homes on Saturday night before the storm arrived.

According to officials, wind speeds ranged between 100 and 120 kmph during the storm. Heavy rains have caused flooding in some low-lying coastal areas. At present, the wind speed has now reduced from 70 to 80 km per hour.

Disaster Management and Relief say that it would take a few days for normalcy to happen at the moment. He reported that around 1200 domestic tourists were trapped on St. Martin’s Island in the Cox’s Bazaar district. All those people will be saved soon.


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