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Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 is coming with a new map


Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 is coming with a new map: Call of Duty Mobile has fun news for gamers. Yes, a part of the young generation has fun in Tencent’s Call of Duty Mobile game. This manufacturer also occasionally brings new map seasons or challenges for gamers. If you’re a Call of Duty lover, then there’s excellent news for you. Yes, a replacement update will come to the sport soon. In fact, before the official roll-out of the subsequent season of the decision of Duty Mobile game, the developers have started adding some features to the sport.

Call of Duty Season 9 is coming with a new map

That being said, during this upcoming ninth season, you’ll definitely be ready to create your own weapons in multiplayer and melee. it’s said that gamers will get this new feature through a replacement item called Gunsmith. Not Only That, Call of Duty Season 9 will have a ‘Shipment 1944’ map. This new map is typically a little combat zone. it’s said to be cover a square area and may be found out in an abandoned dockyard.


The layout will usually be cover two main regions. the primary is going to be in two intersected lanes, the second is going to be within the perimeter. Instant action is often seen on the tiny map of the decision of Duty game. this needs you to maneuver your character repeatedly and keep it with sharp and lightweight weapons. Shotguns and SMGs could also be effective on this map.

In addition to all or any of these new features, Call of Duty players are going to be ready to launch a replacement score strike called ‘Shield Tour’. This new score strike will provide a fast and accurate opportunity to kill the enemy.

It is learned that decision of Duty Mobile Season 9 is coming to touch late. But this season will are available mid-August. For now, the season-6 challenge has been extended for 2 more days within the


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