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Calorie to back energy by relieving fatigue


Calories to bring back energy by relieving fatigue: There are many who always think of themselves as energy less. Walking but it seems that there is no energy in the body.

Not just for illness, but many times our energy levels go down or our immunity goes down. That is why I feel very powerless. We need a lot of high calorie food to increase energy.

It doesn’t matter if our body is thick or thin. The bottom line is how healthy you are. If you are tired of doing little work, you must see a doctor. Because staying fit and healthy is the main goal of life. However, you must adhere to a healthy diet plan for this type of problem. Let’s see if we can increase our calories.

Morning Diet

You must try to adhere to the morning diet. Soak some raisins, dates, gram, 3-4 cashew nuts and 3-4 wood nuts every night. Get up early every morning and eat the soaked dry foods. You can eat biscuits with tea and butter or cheese without sugar.


You should have breakfast exactly 30-45 minutes after the morning diet. You at breakfast

You can eat bread or hand-made bread with nut butter and boil two eggs. Among the fruits are bananas and apples. You will see that it will definitely increase your calories and energy in the body.


After that, if you are out of the house, in the office or in your own workplace, it becomes very difficult. Most people get a lot of time to eat at their workplace. In this situation you can keep fruit juice with you. If you can take Tiffin with you then it is very good. You can take oats in Tiffin and an apple.

Evening Tiffin

After returning from the office, you will have some normal Tifin’s. You can drink tea or coffee if you have a habit of eating. However, if you feel more tired after returning from the office, you can eat dark chocolate, it has high calories. Your energy will return very soon.


Eat foods that you love to eat regularly. Because it is very important to have taste in food. However, stay away from heavy meals at night. However, in this case, you can take the advice of a good dietitian. However at dinner you can take Indian food. Bread and some rice with vegetable. You can also drink milk after meals.

You can also include rice bran oil, fish, meat, eggs, olive oil, nuts, and milk in your calorie diet. Because it contains more calories. Protein is the most important of the high calorie foods. Because, protein is the muscle building block. Although many times just protein intake does not build muscle properly. He also needs proper exercise. People who work out must eat healthy snacks before and after exercising.

However, as I said before, you need to know how many calories you need first. So of course dieting needs to be consulted. If you are not accustomed to a high calorie diet, then eat little at a time without eating too much at once.


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