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Cardamom: Health benefit of cardamom in daily life.

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Cardamom: You can easily plant cardamom seeds in the tub at home. Fill the tub with fertilizers. Then select the good seeds from the seeds. Then soak in water for 24 hours. The seeds are wrapped in tissue paper and left in water for a few days. After some days the seeds germinate. After planting the saplings in the tub of the tub, the cardamom becomes a tree. After a few days you will find new plants.

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* Health benefit of cardamom in daily life*

Uses: Cardamom is a spice crop, which is used in all kinds of sour and sweet foods. The scientific name of cardamom is Elettaria cardamomum and the English name is Cardamom. The leaves of this tree are a little longer and wider. The stem of a long flower comes out from the beginning of this tree. The result of this flower is cardamom.

 Health benefit of cardamom in daily life.

Not just to enhance the taste in food. Regular eating is not only tasty, but your body will be healthy. According to an All-India Health website, cardamom is used as a spice in many foods, but cardamom has many healing properties. Know that quality and Health benefit of cardamom in daily life.

  • Cardamom contains antioxidants. Impressions on the skin, preventing the reading of the line.
  • To avoid bad smell in the mouth, put two or three cardamom in mouth.
  • Regular cardamom can reduce the chances of cancer.
  • Cardamom works as an unhealthy drug for mouth sores, gums and wounds.
  • Relieves colds and coughs. Mixing honey with tea can reduce colds and coughs by playing cardamom.
  • Blood circulation is normal in the body when eating cardamom regularly.
  • Cardamom helps reduce weight.


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