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China infected by the corona virus


What is the Corona Virus?

According to researchers, the corona virus is a large group of people that can cause respiratory problems in humans, from common cold to cold. In addition, the corona virus can cause serious diseases like SARS and MRS. The virus is named according to its size. These viruses can infect both animals and humans simultaneously. According to researchers, the corona virus has passed from snake to human. The virus is related to animals and spreads among animals, poultry farms, snakes, bats or animals.

How dangerous is this virus?

Health officials around the world are warning about the virus and advising people to stay alert, but exact information about how dangerous the virus is has not yet been released. However, the World Health Organization WHO has refused to declare the outbreak of the corona virus and pneumonia as an international health emergency. At the same time, it may be said that you refrain from animal foods to avoid the virus.

China infected by the corona virus.

China on Thursday sealed five cities, including Wuhan, to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. According to news, more than 1297 people have been infected with the virus across the country and 41 have died. Prior to the New Year in China, various trains, including trains, planes, have been stopped due to increasing traffic on the roads. Chinese authorities announced Thursday evening the closure of mass transit in five cities – Huang, Yazao, Zhejiang, Qinjiang and Wuhan – in Hubei province. However, the virus is of great concern to India as well

700 Indian students in Wuhan and surrounding areas. Many Indians also live in Hubei Province, China. The Indian Embassy has set up a hotline to assist its citizens. The Indian Embassy said in a statement that Chinese authorities have assured all cooperation, including food supplies, for Indians living in the province. About 700 students from India live in Wuhan and surrounding areas. Because of India’s thinking.

In China, 20 million people are detained from house to house. In this situation, the Chinese New Year cannibalizes the event and the Chinese government has instructed the people not to leave the city unless there is a very important reason. Twenty million people are facing the shutdown due to the ban on trains and aviation. The disease is spreading rapidly there and it has been decided not to go ahead.

Dubai also warns that many travelers come from China. Because most of the Chinese people travel to Saudi Arabia. Even in Nepal, the virus is infected.

***********Beware of the Corona virus****************



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