Coolie No.1 banned plastic bottles in shooting.

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Coolie No.1 banned plastic bottles in shooting:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Coolie No 1 for his contribution to building a plastic-free India. Narendra Modi launched ‘Swachhta Hi Seva 3.0’ slogan on Wednesday with the slogan ‘Don’t Tell Plastic’. And then Varun Dhawan’s new movie and cinematographer responded to that call. In response to Varun Dhawan’s tweet about banning plastic bottles in cinematic shooting sets, Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged the national initiative: “The team of Coolie No 1 has done a great job!

I am happy to see the contribution of the film world to the liberation of India from single-use plastic. “Earlier this month, Varun Dhawan said that Kool No.1’s artisans have their own steel bottles to use in the set” because being a plastic-free country is our time and the initiative taken by our Prime Minister. There is a need and we can all make it through small changes.

The Center has decided to impose a nationwide ban on six plastic products from October 2 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti:

The Center has decided to impose a nationwide ban on six plastic products from October 2, as part of Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Transparency Services Seva 3.0’ campaign against plastic. The use of plastic bags, cups, plates, small bottles, straws and certain types of sachets will be prohibited. The ban is expected to reduce the annual consumption of plastic in India. The use of plastic will be reduced by about 14 million tons or about five percent.On the other hand, the set of Coolie No 1 caught fire at a Mumbai suburban Filmistan studio on Wednesday evening. On Thursday evening, producer Jackie Bhagnani confirmed in a tweet: “There were no casualties, as the fire was immediately set on fire. I want to thank everyone for their concern and best wishes. “

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