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Corona: How to increase the body’s immunity?


How to increase the body’s immunity?: Every country in the world is alarmed by the horror of this. Experts in this situation are making the public aware in various ways. He repeatedly recommends washing hands with sanitizing. The weather is changing in many countries during the current season. There is also a cold cough; there is no reason to fear. In view of the current situation around the world, experts say that if the body’s immune system is high, you will not be easily attacked. Because if the immune system is high, the risk of cold or fever will be less easily. In many, the immune system is very low. It consumes their cold very easily. There are some ways to increase immunity. What to do in such a situation would be to increase the immunity in the body. Let’s look at some ways.

How to increase the body’s immunity?

Hollow grains and dairy foods increase the body’s immunity.

 According to experts, hollow grains and dairy foods increase the body’s immunity. Depending on the current situation in the world, according to doctors, refrain from cold foods. However, you do not have to give up freeze foods. You can eat more vegetables to increase body immunity. But try the open-market delicious food.

Eat hot food:

Experts say that the corona virus can be especially bad in the heat, so try to eat hot food. Avoid cold foods. Taste hot drinks over and over again. Alternatively you can drink tea.

 Reduce eating of processed foods:

All packaged foods are called processed foods such as baked, frozen, canned, dried and pasteurized products. Processed foods are packaged foods such as bread, fruit juice, sausage, milk, oil, soft drinks, nuggets, peanut butter, bacon, chicken. It is normal for this type of food to become gas in the stomach.

Eat more foods that have antioxidants in the diet:

You can eat guava, banana, to increase your body’s immunity. In addition, foods containing antioxidants are beta-carotene, almond, green tea, pineapple, grape, maize, red flour, almond oil, olives, apricots, vegetable oils, broccoli, etc. These foods will help increase the body’s immunity. .



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