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Corona won 90 percent of Wuhan, now affected by lung problems


Corona won 90 percent of Wuhan, now affected by lung problems: The coronavirus started in December 2019 from Wuhan, China. Gradually it spread everywhere the planet. Ordinary people’s lives are ruined by the death of Corona. The financial condition of the people has collapsed within the lockdown.

Currently, the amount of infected people within the world is about 2 cores. quite 7 lakh 24 thousand people have fallen victim to COVID 19 disease. at present, an outsized number of patients are recovering from the disease. However, things in China are essentially in check.

Even the birthplace of the deadly virus, Wuhan, has been locked down since last April. However, a replacement study came up with sensational information. consistent with experts, 90 percent of the Corona winners in Wuhan is now affected by various lung problems.

According to Chinese doctors, 90 percent of these who have recovered thus far are infected with the lung virus. Although they survived Corona’s death, his lungs didn’t return to normal. of those 90 percent, a couple of have so bad lungs that they need to believe oxygen machines to chop.

At present, one hundred pc of corona sufferers in Wuhan are disease-free. However, doctors are keeping regular contact to watch their fitness.

However, in 5 percent of these who recovered, it had been found that that they had to travel to quarantine thanks to a coronary heart condition. The report comes from the hospital where the primary outbreak occurred.

Peng Xiang, director of Zhongnan Hospital at Wuhan University, said a team of doctors led by him monitored 100 recovered corona patients. The patients are under the supervision of the medical team since last April. consistent with Peng’s doctors, the recovered corona patients cannot walk quite 400 meters in 6 minutes. Where within the previous 6 minutes he could easily cross quite 500 meters. They gave this report after the walking test. it’s known that the typical age of the patients selected for the border test is 59 years.

Another team of Chinese experts said that even three months after recovering from the corona, many of the victims had to believe oxygen machines. Even after returning home from the hospital, they can’t live without an oxygen machine.



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