Home News Coroner virus curfew about 50 countries with india

Coroner virus curfew about 50 countries with india


The whole world is now looking at science. The only trust is science. Because Corona is stationed all over the world. Starting from China, it has spread to 50 countries today. So far, coronary infections are 381,761, total death cases-16,558, total recovery cases-102,429.

There are about 50 countries in dire straits around the world. People in those countries are under house arrest as per the government directives. Because so far no country has been able to develop this disease medicine.

In some countries, the government is locked in force, in some places people are in their own homes. So far, 381,761 people have been affected by coronas worldwide. However, 102,429 people have recovered.

The Prime Minister of India has taken various stringent measures and even every state government has taken a hard line.

So far in India, there have been total cases-511, new cases-12 and 5 deaths, total recovery-37, and so far there are no critical cases. However, lock down has been done in most of these districts.

So far 16,558 people have died worldwide. Curfew has been issued in several countries, including India, under the watchful eye. Saudi Arabia has announced a three-week overnight curfew to deal with the corona virus infection. Curfew has also announced Kuwait and Bahrain.



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