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Coroner Virus: Donald Trump Warned by Tweet

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Coroner Virus: Donald Trump Warned by Tweet.

Starting from China, the Corona virus continues to terrorize the world today. The virus is spreading all over the world day by day. According to the World Health Organization, 321 coroners have died in the last 24 hours worldwide, thus reaching 4973 total deaths worldwide. A total of 1,34,679 people in the world have been affected by coronas, while 69,142 people have been discharged after treatment. People around the world have been terrified.

To avoid Corona, we have seen earlier that the Indian Chief Minister Narendra Modi has told the countryman that he should keep his hands on his hands and say hello. He gave a message that welcomed guests and friends.

US President Donald Trump on Thursday welcomed Ireland’s Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, as his guest at the White House, and in Washington, in front of the media, President Trump said hello to the threat of corona virus.

Donald trump on Corona virus warns on social media that 108 countries are dealing with Corona virus issues, some of which we are helping!

Donal trump tweeted, “Protect your home, encourage your family members ….


He also said that keep schools safe, encourage your faculty, staff and students ….

He says for business and the office, keep the business company safe, encourage your employees and customers ….


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