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Covid-19: Follow these rules to avoid infection from shoes and feet


COVID-19: Follow these rules to avoid infection from shoes and feet: At present we are all frustrated with Corona. There is no way out. Every moment the fear in the mind is where the virus comes from in the body. We sanitize our hands over and over again. We don’t know if the virus is coming in the slippers or the shoes when we walk outside.

At present, the number of corona cases is increasing every day. This virus is setting new records day by day. WHO and health experts are emphasizing the use of masks to prevent infection, adherence to social and physical distances, as well as hand washing. But legs? Is there a risk of coronavirus infection through shoes or feet? If there is fear, what is the way to survive?  this question in the minds of many again and again.

Infectious disease experts from different countries have brought a lot of information about this issue. A team of researchers in Australia said that there is a risk of corona infection through shoes. This is because the germs on the soles of the shoes can easily enter the house after entering the house after the shoes. The virus can spread on the floor. Again, if someone inadvertently touches the shoe, there is a risk of infection.

How to prevent this infection?

The question remains. Many people prefer to wear leather and various designer shoes. In that case, such shoes are more likely to be damaged if they are sprayed or washed with disinfectant. But you have to live from Corona. But let’s find out what to do and what not to do to avoid infection from feet and shoes.

Infection from shoes is what we can do?

Now wash your feet well with soap and enter the house. Wash the shoes and socks outside in soapy water. If you use expensive shoes, you can spray disinfectant or use aerosol spray. You should wear washable plastic shoes, not leather shoes. Shoes that go out later cannot be brought inside the house. After coming from outside, before entering the house, leave the shoes and socks outside the house in a certain place.

When cleaning shoes, you must wear gloves. Do not touch shoes without gloves. After cleaning shoes, gloves and hands should be washed well with soap. Dry the washed shoes and socks in the hot sun. Do not use the shoe if they are not dry. Because wet shoes are the cradle of the virus.

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