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Covid-19: What causes you to wear a mask?


Covid-19: What causes you to wear a mask?: Public health experts, and therefore the preponderance of the scientific data, gathered, to – date, regarding, the way to best reduce the speed of infection, or, the spread of this horrific virus, is to require advantage of social distancing a minimum of 6 feet apart, and wearing a mask unless, we finally, discover a top-quality, treatment, doesn’t it add up, to do, everything possible, to, flatten – the curve, and significantly minimize the spread of this pandemic? Why, has us, with approximately 4% of the world’s population, suffered, about one – a quarter  of the infections, and fatalities? Certainly, one significant difference was, President Trump, seemed to, either, ignore, pay insufficient attention or, believe, it had been far less dangerous, than it turned – out, to be, while most other international leaders, mandated wearing masks, and, realized, the importance of closing their economies, within the shorter – term, so as to avoid far greater, longer-term ramifications. With, over many million, known cases of infection, and approximately, many deaths, to – date, don’t we’d like, to demand leadership, and guidance, highly recommended or, mandating, people, wear a mask? Instead, our President, began, by calling it, a hoax, and a political stunt, and minimizing its danger, and, until, very recently, avoided this reality, and danger! Conspiracy theories, unproven cures doesn’t make things better! thereupon in mind, this text will plan to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some reasons, each folk, should, want to wear a mask.

Science matters or Data counts The effectiveness of this process, in significantly reducing the danger of infection, appears to be, significant! Science, and therefore the studies, state, if the bulk of individuals, cooperated, doing this, the spread of this virus, would be significantly reduced, largely, because, one among the main causes of the spread, is, airborne!

 social responsibility

Perhaps, one among the foremost disturbing aspects, of some people’s refusal to wear masks, is, for the greater good, each folk, should be ready, willing, and able, to form this effort! If, each folk, truly cared about our, fellow – man, wouldn’t Americans, do, what others, in foreign nations, seem, willing to do!

 Bend the curve

Presently, on the brink of 70% of our states, are experiencing, a big, infection rate (over 10%), and, for the foremost part, these are the states, which have appeared to follow, President Trump’s demands, instead of paying enough attention, to public health experts/ professionals, etc! We must attempt to bend this curve, and, social spacing, and, wearing a mask, are extremely, important, to achieving this!

Protect yourself

While, wearing one, won’t totally, protect you, if, everyone did, the extent of protection, would be enhanced, exponentially! While only, certain, medical-grade masks, protect the wearer. these should be limited to, times, when, the danger of exposure, is greatest! Whenever, possible, cash in of social distancing, to guard, yourself, and others!

public health

the foremost relevant reason, to cooperate, during this effort, is, it works! what percentage more, must be infected, and die, before, American leadership, directs us, to try to to the proper, and necessary things?


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