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Debate between Vijender Singh & Paresh Rawal


I got to see a lot of comments on Delhi’s heated social media. Some are against, but the situation is under control though. There are various allegations of the leaders of social media.

In the meantime, the film stars and players in the social media debate over violence in Delhi. Actor Anupamkhar, actor-politician BJP MP Paresh Rawal and Olympian-turned-Congress leader Boxer Bijender Kumar Twitter were seen in the debate.

At First Olympian Vijender Singh tweeted that “there is still time to Gujarat the whole country.” Later in a tweet by Vijender Singh, Paresh Rawal replied that you have to understand the difference between boxing and garbage.

Everyone expresses their own opinion in their tweets. One person started class of Paresh Rawal. The person said – Boxing is what Bijendra does and garbage Paresh Rawal does.

Suresh Kumar Kurapaty tweeted that no Muslim citizenship was lost, but many Hindus lost their lives.

Even a fan praised Paresh Rawal and said – Wow Paresh ji, it was fun. Vijender later responded to Paresh with another tweet.

 Dr. Uzma Razvi said in a tweet by Paresh Rawal that, Yes, it should be understood. Boxing is what @Bosevijender  We do ! And Shit is that @ Sirpresharwal We do!!

In reply, Rawal said, Where is your Collar … go back to your cage!

Then the tweet surveyed Anupam kher, he tweeted, “Not surprising …. Even those who make money by dishonesty, find the right door … 🙂

Many of these people are issuing different opinions.


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