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Domestic way to avoid if vomiting on a bus trip

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Domestic way if vomiting on a bus trip: We are the travel favorite that most people are. Again it is seen that in most of these travel people, most get sick after getting on the bus or car and then vomit. Many people start having headaches. A lot of times there are some people who get a little long journey in the car becomes gas. That causes vomiting.

Most of the time it is seen that many people feel nausea or body discomfort. Many people feel sick for various reasons when they go out on the streets. In this case, it is seen that many people vomit as soon as they get out of the car. However, in all these situations you can get rid of vomiting in some home remedies. However, you must consult a doctor as to why vomiting is occurring. Many times vomiting becomes the cause of many major diseases.


Clove is very useful in relieving nausea. If you ever have this problem at home, you can boil some cloves in one to two cups of water. Boil for 7-8 minutes and after boiling, eat it cold, you will benefit from it. This way you can eat occasionally. Also keep cloves with you when traveling outside. If you feel nauseous, chew some cloves and eat it. This will relieve you from vomiting.


It is often seen that the cause of vomiting is flatulence. I used to see at home that my mother used to do this for me a lot. If he vomited for no reason, he would chew cumin and eat it. Or you can eat cumin seeds. This will reduce vomiting and gas very quickly. In addition, soaking cumin in the morning on an empty stomach will get many benefits. You can understand that you can take cumin even if you go out.


Lemon is very useful to get rid of vomiting. You can easily reduce vomiting with lemon. Especially you can suck a little lemon and eat it. You can also add a glass of lemon juice to as much water as you can and mix it with salt to taste. This will reduce vomiting very quickly. Also keep lemons with you when travelling outside. If you feel nauseous, you can smell lemon. This will reduce your nausea.

You can also chew anise. So you will get many benefits and orange lemon has many benefits to reduce vomiting.


If vomiting occurs repeatedly, the body becomes tired. Because vomiting causes lack of water in the body. If you don’t get wares at that time, you can drink salt and sugar water. Fatigue will go away.


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