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Domestic way to remove the spots of chicken pox

How to remove chickenpox spots?

How to remove chickenpox spots?:  How to remove chickenpox stains?: In the previous article, we know what to do with chicken pox. Chickenpox is one of a kind Virus infection that most of us get from a human. The disease is especially severe in March and April. Chickenpox infectious patients spend many days in distress. Because it is disease-free, it takes ৮-12 days. The disease itself is hidden from the mirror throughout the reading. At this time, it is difficult to see the face in the mirror itself. Because of the chickenpox, many of us also have stains on the face or body. Within 2 weeks the chicken pox recovers but the spots remain. If the chickenpox does not remove the stains that heal, it becomes permanent. However, you can remove the stains by applying a diluted some method.

Baking soda

Baking soda we all know. Baking Soda is definitely in the kitchen. Baking soda cakes, many kinds of food are ready to cook. But you know, it is very easy to remove the skin stains of chickenpox. Because baking soda is an alkaline substance. Whose acidity is at a very low level. Take half a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Then apply the spots on spots every day to get good results.

Coconut water

Coconut water is very tasty to eat. Coconut water benefits our body a lot. Simultaneously, Coconut water helps keep our skin healthy. Only Tiny, the water in the Coconut is very profitable to remove the pox spots. Coconut water is very useful for removing any skin stains. After the chickenpox has healed, take a Coconut of water on the stain every day. And do so until the scarves are invisible. These people can drink Coconut water every morning, which will increase the brightness of the skin.

Lemon juice

Friends we know lemons benefit our bodies a lot. We regularly eat lemon juice to reduce sugar, to keep ourselves slim fit, and to enjoy various benefits. Lemon juice easily removed in this lemon juice. Mix half a lemon juice with 2 tbsp water and apply it before going to bed at night. Or in the evening, wash it before going to bed.


Honey is a very favorite food of many. Someone eats honey to stay slim. Again, if the honey is not in the bread of the bread, it does not work.

You will get rid of the chicken pox spots that are regularly applied to the stain. Apply pure honey a few times a day as long as the stain goes away, so the skin will be very bright.

The oatmeal

Currently oatmeal is a favorite of many people’s breakfast. Especially those who love the gym very much. Using this oatmeal can easily remove Pox spots. Take one cup of warm water with half a cup of oatmeal. Then if it is cold, apply it to the spot where the stain is good.

Sandalwood oil

We all know that sandalwood is very good for keeping skin bright. Many of us apply sandalwood before going to sleep at night to keep the skin beautiful. Sandalwood oil is very useful in enhancing the brightness of the skin, as it does not have a pair of chicken pox removers. You can also mix vitamin E oil with sandalwood oil.

Coconut oil

In winter, we apply a lot of skin before bathing to enhance the skin. Coconut oil. This method is for those whose stains have been long ago but have not yet matched. Rub coconut oil on the stains every morning and stay awake for some time.

Papaya paste

We find many cosmetics in the market, in which papaya cream is now very demanding. Because papaya is very useful to increase the brightness of the skin. Take a papaya paste with a little honey and apply it on the scalp.


Brandi is an alcoholic. Many people like Brandi very much. Everyone loves to eat brandy, especially in the winter mainland. Alcohol is harmful to health. Again it is useful again. If you have a cup before bathing, take one teaspoon of brandy. Now, apply cotton on the skin. After 7-10 minutes take a bath. It will enhance the glamour of the skin and help to remove stains.


The above procedure is called for removal of chickenpox stains. In fact, do you know that each of the fruits we eat in our daily life is beneficial for our skin? Papaya, banana peel also enhances the glamour of the skin. Don’t just remove the stains of chickenpox; you can always take these steps in skincare.



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