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Drink herbal teas to stay healthy and fit


Drink herbal teas to stay healthy and fit:  Tea is our favorite beverage. Our habit of eating tea to avoid various types of mental tension. Or friends want tea for a chat. If you do not go to work in the office. In fact, drinking tea has become a habit for all of us. If you drink too much tea there can be many problems.

Many times doctors drink tea. Because tea contains caffeine. Caffeine in tea can be harmful for those who are hypersensitive or sleep deprived. Yes, herbal teas can be used to keep you and yourself healthy, regardless of health. Herbal tea will keep your mood beautiful. Your mind will be full.

You can make herbal tea in different ways such as ashwagandha tea, ginger tea, basil tea, black pepper lemon tea.

Ashwagandha Tea

Ashwagandha we all know. Ashwagandha benefits many of our human bodies. However, drinking tea with ashwagandha will be of great benefit.

This tea will help boost your immunity and help you control your blood sugar. It will also help to increase your hemoglobin. If so, ashwagandha tea is very useful? How to make ashwagandha tea?  You will need one or half teaspoon of ashwagandha powder, 1 tablespoons honey, tea bag.

Now boil water in a container like your volume or a cup. When the water is hot, you can add ashwagandha powder or 1 tea spoons in it. But if no more then it will be a little bitter. After boiling, take it in a cup. Now add honey to your taste. Then give it with a tea bag. Ready for your Ashwagandha Herbal Tea.

Ginger Tea

Most of those who love tea love to eat ginger tea. The taste of ginger tea is different. Now is the season change. So many people suffer from fever and cough this time? So you can try herbal tea made with ginger. It will take-  1 tablespoon crushed ginger, three and four teaspoon honey, 2 cloves, black pepper,

This time take one cup more water and boil it. If some water is boiling, pour all the ingredients into the boiling water. That way, let it boil for 10 minutes. After that, squeeze in a cup and place it in the bag. Your ginger tea is ready.

Tulsi tea

Basil trees can be found in every home. And we all know the quality of Tulsi too. But how to make herbal tea with basil, this time I will know. Tulsi has a lot of antioxidant so it is very beneficial for the body. Tulsi tea protects us from harmful germs in the body while increasing immunity. Not only that, it also helps to brighten the skin, eliminating the skin problem.

1 to 3 cup of basil leaves (tulsi), 1 tablespoons honey, 1 tea spoons lemon juice, 2-5 cloves.

Boil the basil leaves with one and a half cups of water. Boil the cloves and a teaspoon of lemon juice in it for some time. Now add honey to taste and give it with tea bag. (Tulsi) Basil Herbal Tea Ready.

Lemon-paper tea

Lemon Black Paper helps increase your immunity and reduces body pain. In addition, detox also helps with this lemon-pepper tea. It is necessary to make herbal tea- One lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon black pepper, one-half tablespoon honey.

Boil a little more than a cup of water in a container. Give it yellow and pepper. Then squeeze it with honey and lemon juice. Ready your lemon-pepper tea.


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