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Easy tips to clean bathroom and other things


Easy tips to clean bathroom and other things: We always want our house to be clean and tidy and whenever we have time, we clean it. However, it is not possible to clean the whole house in one day, so what most people do, they clean on top. For example, the living room, where outsiders live; dining room, because we eat sitting there and it is not possible to eat sitting there if it is not clean.

Easy tips to clean bathroom and other things

However, most of the time the bathroom is not cleaned properly and some special places in the bathroom such as wall or floor tiles, water taps, mirrors, under the dustbin – all these places should be forgotten to clean! Here are some simple tips so you can change the bathroom volume without much effort.

The basin also often gets a brown stain, and to be honest, using such a basin is more disgusting. In a bowl, mix equal amounts of dish soap liquid vinegar and rub the basin with steel wool. The basin will become whiter.

Water stains often accumulate in water taps in such a way that cleaning becomes impossible. There are various tap cleaners available in the market, mix the tap cleaner with a little water and apply it on the water faucet with an old toothbrush brush. Leave it for ten-fifteen minutes, rub it well with a brush and wipe it with a dry towel. You will see that the stain has disappeared from the water tap.

Bathroom mirrors are often so blurred that cleaning becomes very inconvenient. If the level of mercury rises from behind the mirror, its opacity cannot be cleared. Blurred mirror glass can also be cleaned with a marketable cleaner and you can also clean it with a domestic cleaner. Soak two tea bags in cold water and after a while spray it on the fuzzy bathroom mirror and wipe it off with a dry towel.


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