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Eat Amla juice regularly to increase immunity


Eat Amla juice to increase immunity: We want to fight any disease to increase the immunity of our body. So in the current situation, one of the tools to fight against coronavirus is to increase immunity. Experts believe that the higher the immune system, the better the ability to fight disease and the lower the risk of infection.

For this reason, a balanced diet is needed to strengthen the immune system. People are just drinking Tainoy immunity drinks, paying attention to exercise, and proper hygiene.

However, today we will know a fruit that after eating or drinking its drink, will help strengthen your immune system. Due to low calorie, low fat, it is very good to keep the juice of this fruit in your daily diet. It is a readily available and healthy fruit called Amalaki. It has thousands of qualities.

According to experts, some of the special anti-oxidants in this fruit also help prevent deadly diseases like cancer and strengthen the immune system, as well as it is effective in weight loss. This amla juice, which is rich in vitamin C, will have many benefits if you put it in your daily diet.

Benefits of Amla juice

There is less to be said about the benefits of Amla. However, you can chew raw Amla every morning or make its juice at home and eat it, you will get many benefits. Amla juice helps to cleanse the blood. The juice of amla or gooseberry is also very effective in diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Drinking Amla juice will meet 46 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin C, as well as copper. These two diseases will increase immunity. If you drink Amla juice, your skin and hair will be better.


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