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Extinct is almost a traditional Indian game

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Pittu: Extinct is almost a traditional Indian game

In the current mobile age many kinds of games are lost from us. Now we see ourselves busy with boys or girls in various sports online. In the past, those games are now extinct. Most of the games that preceded it were those that kept the body strong. But at the present time we cannot cross the border of the game mobile. Sitting or lying down, in bed or in the chair, we are accustomed to playing games while relaxing.

You can tell that in the Android mobile era, the bullets were dang, khokho, gollachhut and pittu.

Yes, Pittu’s words still ring in the ears of those who have played the game. This pittu was once one of the most beloved sports of the afternoon. At present, the word pittu is no longer heard today. This pittu game is known as one place in India. This is called Lagori, dikori or lagoori, but also known as Lingocha Pithu(Punjabi), Palli Patti (Karimnagar), Pitto (Rajasthan), Pitthhu (Punjab),Pittu (Bengal) or Satoliya (Madhya Pradesh).

This game requires a lot of open space to play. Because this game requires a lot of space to escape. However, children were often seen playing on the sidewalks. The game is played in two teams with equal numbers of players.

The first method to play this game is divided into two groups. In this game, as many players as there are in a team, there are as many round stone plates or wooden wheels. However, especially in this game, seven stones are used.

This time the toss is determined by which team will play first. This time a round house was built in the play area which is called seven stone houses. A straight line is drawn about 8-10 feet away from the dome. This is known as the ‘House of the play’.

The pellets were then arranged one at a time in that room. This time the winning team will be spread around the pellets room.  One of the two groups tried to reassemble the decorated stone with a ball, and the knife shouted as a pittu and the other party threw the ball and tried to touch them.

However, the number of times a group will be able to cast that group depends on their own advice



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