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Five Reasons Why You Need a Business Analyst


Five Reasons Why You Need a Business Analyst: A business analyst translates the needs of the business into realistic solutions. Since these are often IT solutions, it is not surprising that many business analysts have a background in IT or technology. Specifically, a business analyst conducts statistical analysis, reports risks, maps corporate requirements, and more.

Five Reasons Why You Need a Business Analyst

A business analyst is active at every level of the business, from strategy to implementation. But be careful; do not confuse it with the computer analyst. The Business Analyst finds out what needs to change in the business process as such, while the IT Analyst then uses the data from this analysis and is more concerned with the technical implementation of the wants and needs of the company.

The role of the business analyst is, based on his analytical and business intelligence capabilities, to understand finely the financial and marketing mechanisms of the company and the market in which it evolves to identify holes and opportunities in organizing and putting in place the appropriate processes in collaboration with the operational staff and the approval of the management to respond most effectively.

The business analyst may have a basic education in business or engineering but the understanding of both worlds is crucial to this job. We find in this position many management controllers who wanted to move towards the operational side of the company in particular.

In terms of soft skills, the business analyst must be, as in many jobs, an excellent communicator. His interlocutors may vary greatly (a developer, a project manager, a member of the board) and his level of reporting must adapt accordingly. He often establishes the junction between several trades and must therefore feel at ease in this role.

Reasons Why You Need a Business Analyst

Controls Expenses:

An organization needs business analysts who present the best projects and solutions in a minimum cost, by utilizing resources to its best, which brings out best to the organization.

Monitors Market Variation:

A business analyst plays an indispensible role in conquering the market variation. In every day highly determined environment, it is essential for each corporation to become accustomed to market changes.

Tailors Products and Services to Customers’ need:

An analyst should work according to the need and demand of customers and without disturbing the technicality should be able to tailor it to satisfy the customer.

Improves Operational Efficiency:

The analyst should focus on improvement every second. He should scrutinize the problem minutely and then reach a conclusion to meet the operational efficiency.

Solves Problem:

Any problem in business faced by a company can be only solved by a business analyst who has the knowledge of the field, has experience and has the capability of understanding the issue and solving it. Trying to solve a business problem without the help of a business analyst can be a threat to your organization.

So business Analyst play important role in success of a company. A good business Analyst can take the company to top. So it is must to choose best Analyst for company. You can also take help from any expert from financial sector like Sean St John of National Bank who has many years of experience in the banking and financial industry. Sean St John Toronto, executive vice president and co-head of fixed income, currencies and commodities at National Bank Financial in Toronto, has been successful due to hard work and dedication.


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