Home News Gas tanker blast at ceramics factory at Sudan.

Gas tanker blast at ceramics factory at Sudan.

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Sudan:Gas tanker blast at ceramics factory in Khartoum.Sudan is located in East Central Africa. It is bordered by Egypt to the north, the Red Sea to the northeast, Eritrea and Ethiopia to the east, South Sudan to the south, the Central African Republic to the southwest, Chad to the west and Libya to the northwest. Sudan is the third largest country in Africa, after Algeria and East Congo. It had been the largest country on the continent until the 2011 independence of South Sudan.

Gas tanker blast at ceramics factory in Khartoum of Sudan.

The Central Government said on Wednesday that some Indians were on the list of 20 people killed in the blast in the Sudanese capital Khartoum explosion (Blast in Sudan). More than 5 people were injured in the blast. Foreign Minister Dr S. Jayashankar tweeted that a representative of the Indian Embassy rushed to the accident site. On Twitter, he wrote that,

Have just received the tragic news of a major blast in a ceramic factory “Saloomi” in the Bahri area of the capital Khartoum in Sudan. Deeply grieved to learn that some Indian workers have lost their lives while some others have been seriously injured.
He also wrote, “Embassy representatives rushed to the spot. 24-hour helpline number 249-921917471 opened by @EoI_Khartoum. Embassy is giving updates on social media. Our prayers to the families of the staff. ”

According to Voanews, at least 23 people were killed and several others injured when a gas tank exploded at a ceramic factory in Khartoum on Tuesday.

Lets see the tweet of Foreign Minister Dr S. Jayashankar.

Witnesses in Sudan’s capital say the tanker exploded while the shipment was down.

Eye witnesses who were there in the wake of the Voanews said the injured were people who were sitting outside the factory and “none of the people who were in the factory survived, and none of them came out.”

It has also been reported that there are more than 50 Indian workers in the factory. Eyewitnesses have been informed that thick black smoke is seen in the sky in a tile-making factory in North Khartoum. “Twenty-Three people died and more than 130 were injured in a fire in an industrial area,” a statement from the Sudan government said.

The Indian Embassy has released a list detailing the treatment, missing and protected Indians at the hospital. According to their information, 7 were sent to the hospital, 4 were apprehensive.


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