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Ghost:The footprint of the ghost under the Ice.

ghost-footprints image source Cornell University

Ghost foot print:We heard the ghost story. It is a ghost, not a fear. But this ghost’s footprint is under the snow? The question remains so let us know.The ‘ghostly’ footprint hidden under the snow? Researchers have recently taken ownership of this mark using a special kind of radar. Discover what lies beneath the invisible footprints and footprints hidden after the ice age. According to a report published in the Journal of Scientific Reports, the fossil fossils reveal a great deal of information about how humans and animals lived with one another 12000 years ago.

Thomas Urban, lead author of this study on behalf of Cornell University in America, said: “We never thought to look under the footprint, but this poly has a memory of its own so that the effects of animal weight and motion are beautifully captured. It gives us a way to understand the biomechanics of extinct animals that we have never had before. ‚ÄúResearchers have examined the footprints of people, mammoths and monolithic sloths at the White Sands National Memorial in New Mexico.

Using ground-penetrating radar (GPR), they have been able to trace people and monstrous vertebrates in the area. “But these are not only case studies, they are more hidden than they are,” said Thomas Urban.”This technique can be applied to various locations around the world where there are fossil fossils, perhaps even dinosaur footprints. We have already successfully tested the method at a greater level in multiple locations in the White Sands,” said Thomas Urban.

“However, these ‘ghostly’ footprints may disappear shortly after the rains, and when the situation is settled, as it is now, they can be tested using the Geophysics method. Animals and human interactions of the Pleistocene era can be recorded, identified and examined in 3D to understand history, “said co-author Stuart Manning.

GPR is a method in which researchers can uncover hidden information without the need to dig. Sensors are actually antennas that transmit radio waves from the surface to the ground. The signal is pushed back down to the ground and shows an image of what’s underneath.


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