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Health Benefit of Chyawanprash in Winter and daily life.


Benefit of Chyawanprash: As well as the climate and the menstrual cycle, we have many problems. Winter has begun to wear out for a while. Cold means wearing boots and a jacket to cheat. It feels like a cup of tea to chat with. Then cold means cough and tonsils. To remove them, make a cheerful companion to your chewing gum. Not just cold, you can eat all year long to keep the body healthy.

Chyavanprash is basically made in Ayurveda formula. Chyawanprash has a lot of antibacterial properties. Chyavanprash has been used since ancient times.

 Chyawanprasha is named after Chyawan Saint. He made it. It is made of different types of trees.

The recipe of chyavanprash is mentioned in written for Ayurveda method.It is made by:

1)Ashwagandha 2) asparagus 3) amla 4) bamboo manna 5) blue Egyptian water lily (Makhana) 6) cardamom 7) chebulic myrobalan 8) Chinese cinnamon 9) cinnamon bark 10) clove 11) Indian rose chestnut 12) country mallow 13) feather foil plant 14) galls 15) ghee 16) Giant potato 17) Giloy (Guduchi) (Tinospora cordifolia) 18) honey 19) Indian kudzu 20) Irish root 21) liquorice 22) Long pepper 23) Malabar nut 24) Nut grass 25) Potassium sorbat 26) Raisins 27) Round zedoary 28) sandalwood 29) sesame oil 30) Spreading hog weed 31) Sugar 32) Tiger’s claw or Ice plant 33) Wild black gram 34) Wild green gram

Benefits of chyavanprash:

In the winter, chyavanprash is important to protect against viruses and bacteria. Particularly its use is cough and cold.

Chyavanprash causes proper oxidation of stomach acids and accelerates the absorption of nutrients collected from food. Amlaki increases digestive power and gets rid of constipation.

Another factor of Chavanprash is N T Aging. Being rich in vitamin C, it increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. As a result, your skin will not be exposed to the roughs of winter as the skin will be bright and shiny.


Chavanprash is unique in purifying blood. In the current life, eating junk food or exercising properly does not cause toxins in our body. Chavanprash purifies the blood by extracting that toxin.

Chronic respiratory problems – the prevalence of asthma, bronchitis, etc., increase in winter. The various herbicides contained in the Chavanprash easily eliminate any problems caused by the lungs.

Chavanprasha sharpens the development of intelligence and memory.

Chavanprasha increases your metabolic rate and therefore does not accumulate excess body fat. Therefore, to reduce weight you can eat Chavanprasha.

There is no answer to take care of the heart. The bark of the Arjun tree contained in it helps to take care of your heart with blood pressure and control.

There are many types of Chavanprasha available in the market, such as Dabur, Vaidyanath, Patanjali, Organic India Chavanprash.

**The real thing is that Chavanprasha holds the youth**


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