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Hepatitis B: Be careful to avoid hepatitis B

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What is hepatitis? Do you know Worldwide Hepatitis Day is celebrated on July 28 every year. Hepatitis names come to mind in a panic. But now you can easily be healed by treatment and following some of your own rules.

Hepatitis is a liver or liver inflammatory disease. Hepatitis is a disease commonly infected with the virus in the liver. The hepatitis virus is generally divided into 5 parts. Named hepatitis A, B, C, D, E.

Experts say hepatitis B, C, and D are usually infected with blood transfusions. Also, using the same injection needle multiple times is likely to become infected. Hepatitis A and E are usually contaminated with contaminated water and contaminated sludge.

According to experts, our liver is unable to function normally when hepatitis virus is infected. Therefore, one of the functions of the liver is to remove the bilirubin from the body when the red blood cells are dead. As bilirubin increases in the body, the body becomes yellow. Hepatitis B and C are the most dangerous of the hepatitis, according to experts. Because these two viruses are more prone to chronic hepatitis. One of them read about liver cancer.

According to experts, for the first time, it is called acute hepatitis. It is easily reduced by medications. In this case, the antibodies to hepatitis B in the body of the infected person are quickly eradicated and are protected from re-infection. According to experts, the virus is transmitted from cancer to blood for more than six months.

How do you understand hepatitis?

However, the disease is not easily understood or caught. Generally not hungry, symptoms of vomiting after eating cough. The possibility of persistent fever, body aches and diseases. A particular symptom of this disease is yellowing of the eyes as well as yellow urine. Do not delay the doctor’s conviction with such symptoms.

Generally, the diagnosis can be easily diagnosed by a blood test and liver function test following a doctor’s suggestion.

Eat Rules

You have to follow a lot of rules about eating food in such diseases. Especially if you have hepatitis B absolutely you need to stay away from oil spicy foods. Because keeping the body cool, the body is good. It will benefit from eating sugarcane juice, water of cucumber dab, and water soaked in candy and candy to keep the body cool.

Hepatitis B vaccine

Avoidance of the disease is necessary to get the vaccine. The disease vaccine is divided into 5 parts. 1-3 doses after one month-after.  The No. 4 dose is one year later and the booster dose 5 year later.


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