How do I earn from Whatsapp?


    Easily earn from WhatsApp: In today’s age it is very natural to earn a living at home. There are many ways we can make income online. There are many who are unemployed after studying. And nowadays all the guys sitting at home find it annoying. Now you can finish your handiwork and work online very easily.

    Have seen many posts before where this has been said. However, once again, you can earn online through various ways. You can take different ways at once. Then your earnings will be higher. For example, you can earn online from Amazon affiliate marketing, blogging, click bank marketing, website articles by posting your blog, proposals and so on. Today, you will know how to earn from Android mobile. Yes there are many types of mobile apps that you can easily earn a lot of money from.

    How to earn from Whatsapp?

    Today we will tell you a social app that is our companion every day. Yeah, I thought I was talking about WhatsApp. Know what? We also earn money by exchanging messages on WhatsApp. Today we will know how to earn a short time at home with WhatsApp.

    The question is how WhatsApp will give us revenue. We use any URL like news, youtube funny video, song and other URL. We can do this by messaging whatsapps. When you send this link, the reader will see the ads for a while after opening that link. You will earn revenue from these ads. We will do this through a shorten website. Let’s see how to create this link.

    How to register your name on the Shorten Web?

    First of all, we will open the Google Chrome app on the computer or mobile. Then type in the Google URL bar Then a page of shorten will open in front of you. After opening the page, you can click on Join. Then type your email tab and enter your email again in the next box. Now you come to the box below. There you enter the password you want. Then look below, click there to get a small box. Then I have read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You identify that I am not a robot. Then click on the Join option below. Your short code will be registered.

    How to work here with Whatsapp?

    After registering in Shorten, you click on the log in option and you will log in with email and password. First up in the menu bar you will find Statistics, Shop, Link tools and your profile. You will then see the shorten URL below. Copy the URL of any video, news and paste it into this shorten and click on the shorten option.

    Your shorten URL link will be ready. As mentioned earlier, you will be able to access via whatsapps or a messenger. Yes, now you can share that link through the WhatsApp. The best is if you have a WhatsApp group. Because of the group you can easily share with many people. Because of this, your ads will generate revenue. So many times shorten ads on some porn site links; it is better to check the message.


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