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How important of telephone communication in business

How important of telephone communication in business

Person-to-person telephone calls are not have the primary resources and it do not perform communication role they had back before the information age blossomed .business have many other option to communicating now such as email, and any other social media and telephone communication is slower than the other option do communication .but it have still benefits in this growing world .the telephone call, connect person to other person that may other social media do so this is the plus point of telephone calls for business and any other important works.

Any other emergency or immediate contact

There are short of talking face to face a telephone call make it easy and it helps to take a personal response . in the case of emergency in your business you need to contact some one immediately so a phone call make this to happened easily On the other hand such as texting or email ,you can leave a massage and hope to get a quick reply and the phone have a good solution for it .if the caller is not available than you leave a voice massage in detail . it also help in avoiding to type a message on a tiny cell phone .

in these days communication is more important than words

a good article on communication theory . “Inference of Attitudes from Nonverbal Communication in Two Channels,” there are three components whom effecting the communication first is body language and second is voice tone and last is words .this analysis is depend on the basis of communication today .
on the telephone . the main factor communication depends on is the tone you use gives dimension and emotion to words.texting a mail or message without the intentions of the emotion and body language

How much Value of Interactive Communication

Teleconferencing calls bring people together from other organization at a small amount of the value of meeting or other facility. Attendees can phone in using a toll-free number and access code to join a virtual conference room where members can interact with other members .conference calls is used to conjunction with video calling to put question and any other queries to the other members of organization

This is how phone calls and confidentiality can help

Some communications, such as condolences, disciplinary issues, that can not be handled by texting or by mail so phone call is the best way to solve these king of issues .and making a impersonal text take more time than making a call takes . text message is used as a evidence or as a prove to any legal thing .some business monitor and record phone conversation between employee and customer for training purpose. but the deleted voice massage may not be used as any evidence after deleting.

This is how to use phone safe

making a phone call while driving leads to a big accident but now we have Bluetooth technology make hand free calling possible . and using telephone make free of time and availability to a person for business. Texting and emailing while driving are hazardous and, in some states, illegal.

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