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How is the Indo-US relationship right now.


Foreign Minister, S. Jayashankar said on Tuesday that India-US relations are in good shape: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said on Tuesday that India-US relations are in very good shape. He said this in response to questions about trade between the two countries. About the trade between the two countries, he said, “5 percent is full and 5 percent is half.”

He also said that US President Donald Trump is coming out next Sunday with ‘Howdy, Modi!’ The Prime Minister will attend the event. He said the matter was very honorable. On the eve of his ministry, Jayashankar faced the media. “Indo-US relations have come a long way,” he said. Look at the bond. Political stability, security co-operation … there is no area that has not gone up in the last 20 years. Both parties have a bipartisan role in events like the Houston event. Relationships are in good shape. ”He also said, “As with any relationship, there are issues here. Commercial problems, however, are normal. It shows how strong the relationship is. “He also said that the government has been trying to resolve the trade issue by negotiating with the US for the last few months. Jayashankar was also in the Modi government in the past.

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He also opened his mouth in the context of Jammu and Kashmir. On August 5, the special status of Jammu and Kashmir was revoked by repealing Article 370 of the Constitution. Many politicians were arrested. The state imposed sanctions on many issues.

“There is nothing to worry about what people are saying about Jammu and Kashmir,” he said. India’s position has been clear since 1972. ”

On the possibility that the US Congress may face obstacles, he said, “If I were to face a member of Congress, I would like to know if you have fought against terrorism.” What is your reaction Stay close? What would you do if one law did not apply everywhere in your country? ‘


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