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How is Zuvain Garg? Is he hospitalized?


How is Zubeen Garg? With incomplete sleep and unrelenting work, singer Zubeen Garg fell off the stage, stitching on the tongue out of danger.

 If you remember the name Zubeen, one of his super hit songs is Yaali Rehem Ali, and Wo Vigi Paul. How is Zuvin Garg now? He has one program after another every day. Lack of complete sleep and pressure from work suddenly left the stage, Zubeen. Although he is out of danger, he is currently being kept in the ICU.

He was injured during a program in Guwahati on Friday evening (28/2/2020). She was rushed to the hospital immediately after the accident. He’s out of danger now. During the event in Guwahati, Zubin fell unconscious from the stage. According to doctors, Zubeen had to be stitched on the tongue.

His fans took him all along. After Guwahati his program was Kokrozahar. Later in the Kokrajhar district of Guwahati the program was dropped. Direct video from the hospital we see when he is in the hospital.

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Bollywood celebrity singer Saan shares photos with Zubeen on social media and Saan writes – My brother is the champion. He will soon fight and win. I pray for his well-being.


Many of these people post on social media wishing him well.



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