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How to choose your favorite pet dog?


How to choose your favorite pet dog?: People love to live a luxurious life. And keeping dogs is a special part of human lifestyle in the modern age. However, there is a suspicion among those who love dogs. Because what kind of dog will you choose? Pets of good breeds are now a hobby of everyone from upper class to middle class.

The popularity of dogs as pets is increasing day by day. Keeping a good breed of domestic or foreign dog is no longer just a hobby of the upper class. Lately, even the upper middle class has become very interested in keeping good breeds of dogs. Many people go to buy a dog and wear a variety of problems to choose what kind of dog. But it is good to see a lot of things in this regard. My friend is a very dog ​​lover and I am sharing some information with him today. Let’s see how to like and what to like.

Picking dog breeds

First you have to pick the variety. The choice of dog breed is entirely up to you. What kind of dog are you interested in? There are different breeds of dogs. However, some traits depend on the breed.


You must have heard the name Maltese. It is one of the oldest breeds of dog in the world. Maltese is very beautiful to look at. It is said that these dogs have been called ‘The Comforter’ since the time of Queen Elizabeth. They are very devoted to the Lord. The advantages or disadvantages of the owner can be easily understood.

Golden Retriever:

The Golden Retriever is very nice to look at. The Golden Retriever is very confident and good-nature. They like to be with the owner all the time. They are used all over the world as comfort dogs because they are very friendly.


One of the favorite dogs of all. Beagles are very clever and very strong. Beagles are very angry dogs. That’s why everyone in the world likes Beagles. As they get stronger, they also have less physical problems. In many countries they are used as sniffer dogs at airports.

German shepherd:

The first breed of dog was recognized in Germany in 1899. They are very brave, obedient, and faithful.

The German shepherd is a dog of very sharp intelligent breed. So use them in defense around the world. They are also very devoted to the Lord, they like to be with people.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

 Everyone loves to keep this breed of dog for its very sweet nature. They are very shy. This is why they can easily befriend children.

Labrador Retriever:

 Labrador is one of the world’s favorite dogs for pets at home. They are more confident than other dogs. They love the company of children very much. The Labrador retriever is a first-rate dog for domestic use in countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

However, the dog breed was selected. You choose the dog breed of your choice but the question remains how do you do the selection. Which of those varieties will you take? Take a look at the selection process.


The first thing to look at is the working power of the dog. The biggest mistake we make in choosing a pet dog is that we never look at the work force of the animal. How do you look at the work force? Let’s take a look at what the dog’s energy depends on.


Before buying, test the dog with different toys such as balls, small toys, food, etc. Whether the dog is running or comfortable. As well as see how much he is interested in petting.


Start walking with the dog. Leave it in a slightly open place. See how it does, follows you, hunts or starts running.


 If possible, leave it in front of cats, other dogs or on the street. See he is silent, innocent or violent.

However, when you buy a dog, you must look at these geniuses, and then you can buy a good dog.


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