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How to find the best smartphone?


How to find the best smartphone?

Mobile Buying Tips – Mobile is one of the most essential things at present. We may not eat food once a day, but if you do not see the mobile, do not mind. And if this mobile does not work properly, then the mood is at the border of the last mercury. So we make a lot of mistakes when buying mobile. Most of the time we go to the mobile shop and try to take the mobile. But that’s what we make wrong. But before buying a mobile, it is not bad if you know some general things.There are some features to know when buying a smart phone.

Although there are not so many tips for buying a smartphone. In fact, knowing about some basic features or advanced features and some of the most important functions of mobile can definitely make you a perfect smartphone.

Let’s see how we can buy a smartphone. Learn what things you need to know before buying a smartphone.

Before buying a mobile that needs to be seen.

If we do not buy mobiles with high prices all the time, we can buy good mobiles again at low prices. That we need to keep in mind before buying mobile. If SMARTPHONE’s features and functions or build quality are improved then I would say the best.

What will be the screen and display of the mobile?

Generally speaking of a smartphone screen or display, we typically see more than the size or size of the display. We never see what the screen is like. In fact, the screen display of mobile HD or FULL HD or just WVGA is very important to see. In particular, we look for a slightly larger screen.  In fact, the screen size of the mobile is generally good to use at all times. For this, the screen size of the mobile is very good to use within 5 to 6 inches.

If you are talking about HD or FULL HD display, then taking HD or FULL HD display mobile is good because you would like to watch videos, play games or watch with white eyes on mobile screen.

Therefore, before buying a mobile, it is important to check whether the screen of the mobile is FULL HD or HD Plus. Not only that, you need to see its resolution with the display. With the mobile, its resolution is 1080 x 2400 pixels and any video or game will be fun to watch.

In addition, the display is as good as IPS LCD or Tethy, waterdrop notch or 2.5D curved glass, you get a premium and stylish display look and finally pixel density is better if 359 PPI or higher.

Battery power

Watching a video or playing a game, when the battery runs out, no one feels bad. So the first thing we need to look at a smartphone is, “How much MaH is the mobile battery?” Because the more maH the mobile battery, the more charge will be backup.

This is because background apps and data work so well on smart phones that battery charge can be reduced even when not using mobile.  Do not charge repeatedly during work or call time. So when buying a mobile, it is important to check whether the battery minimum is 4000 or more maH.

What will be the RAM of the mobile?

Many times it is shown that if there are more images or songs, the mobile hangs. Can’t get more apps. To overcome all these disadvantages, of course, you need to get more Ram mobile.

If there is a large amount of RAM on mobile, video, song or game can be played without any hassle or hassle. Again, when the RAM is high, your smartphone works faster, faster and easier.

On the contrary, when the amount of RAM is low on mobile, the smartphone has difficulty doing any of its functions due to the limitation of RAM.

If the RAM is low on mobile then it is normal to hang or work slow. So, you must look at the amount of RAM when buying a mobile.

Minimum 5 GB or 4 GB RAM is important to get good speed on mobile. If you want to get a little higher price than 6 GB RAM is very good.

Mobile processor

Many people never think of processor when buying mobile. Processor like Ram on mobile helps mobile work faster and smoothly.

If your mobile processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G, that’s great. It does not hang on mobile. These are now available on Snapdragon 800, Snapdragon-865, 855 Plus and the market.

It is better to have an “octa core” processor for mobile fast and fast work. Octa core processor has the power to work with eight hands.

As a result, this processor can easily process all the heavy work done on the mobile phone without hanging or slowing down the phone. Minimum 2 GHz your mobile will work pretty fast.

General features

There are some common features on a smartphone that are good to look at. Face unlock, Finger print unlock, WIFI hotspot, USB OTG SUPPORT.

With Face Unlock, your mobile will open through your face. And Finger print unlocks will open it with your fingertip so that it will not be used for mobile use.

Then you can connect any pen drive or USB device to mobile phones with USB OTG support.

App Clone – Using this feature you can use two face book or  Whats app on the same mobile.

What would a mobile camera be like?

Many people now use mobile cameras for their own good photos. This is why you must select the camera correctly. Now you can get a good camera mobile at a much lower price in the market. But keep in mind that the front camera is a minimum of 16 mp and the back camera is 48 mp. Oh you can enjoy the pictures.

Moreover, if you are buying mobile only for taking HD photos, you can buy even more megapixel cameras like 48MP or higher megapixels for a slightly higher price. You can get good cameras from the company mobiles such as VIVO, REDMI MI, SAMSUNG, OPPO, and ASUS.

Internal storage of mobile

Internal storage of mobile is a special decision. In the market you will find various types of internal storage mobile. You should see the minimum storage should be 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Because, the more internal storage space is on the mobile, the more apps, games, video or files you can place on your mobile. Internal storage is low and you cannot install apps on mobile and your mobile slow will work.

Finally, what brand can be said? In this regard, of course, you should first compare features. Then follow the price, and then you can easily take your favorite mobile. However, brands can buy VIVO, REDMI, SUMSUMG and Huawei Mobile. You can get help online at https://gadgets.ndtv.com or you can buy mobile from here.

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