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How to keep high blood pressure away?

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How to keep high blood pressure away?: High blood pressure at home at the present time. But it is impossible to imagine when this high blood secretly takes the life. Because there are no symptoms of high BP. This can lead to gradual loss of body cells which can lead to serious health issues. That is why high blood pressure is called the ‘silent killer’.

 It is difficult to cure high blood pressure. However, with proper use of medication, we can control this ‘silent killer’ and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke or kidney disease. There are a few changes that need to be made to control blood pressure. They are-

Reduce the amount of alcohol: Drinking high amounts of alcohol raises blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, avoid alcohol as much as you can. Sounds like red wine is good for the heart. It is nothing but a myth. So try to give up alcohol to stay healthy.

 Balanced food

Fruits ‚Vegetables‚ Low Fat Dairy Products ‚Skinless Chicken and Fish‚ A variety of nuts, add these to your diet. Avoid saturated and Trans fat ‚sodium‚ red meat ‚sweet and sugary drinks as much as possible.

Do exercise regularly

Regular physical exercise helps control blood pressure. Also your body weight will be right will help reduce stress ‚and your heart will be stronger. Do at least 30-40 minutes of cardio exercise every day.

Maintain proper weight

Lose a little weight but it is very beneficial for the body. Maintain body weight as a result of proper diet and regular physical exercise. If the waist size is more than 36 inches for men and more than 34 inches for women, try to lose weight.

Get regular BP check-up

Get your blood pressure checked regularly: If you have high blood pressure, you must consult a doctor. If you haven’t had high blood pressure yet, find out how to keep it away. Don’t be afraid if you have high blood pressure. As mentioned earlier, with the help of proper medicine and lifestyle, you can get rid of this ‘silent killer’.


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