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How to protect self from Corona virus?


Worldwide terror-stricken virus Corona The disease begins in China. Do not slowly start spreading to every country. In every country, the government is going to initiate the process in a number of ways.

How to spread Corona virus?

The Corona virus is a very dangerous and deadly virus that causes human death. The Corona virus has never spread to humans before.

Experts say that corona virus is very common. There is 7 type of coronary virus that takes place very easily in the human body.

 How do I know if the corona virus is in the body?

According to a doctor in Thailand, the importance of the corona virus is difficult to diagnose. Hold on for 10 seconds with the breath If the cough comes, even if it hurts on The lungs, show the doctor.

Infected with the virus can cause various disorders of the body and even cause pneumonia and death. According to experts, the first symptom is cough with fever. If you are infected with this virus, the symptoms of cold sores are more common.

How to avoid this virus?

Corona virus can be born in the body because of your defects. Self-preservation is a quality work of intelligence. How to get rid of this virus, let’s see.

First, according to experts, this corona virus lasts up to 12 hours in metal. So keep pocket sanitize while you are out and about, wherever you place your hand on the tram on the bus, clean your hands with the sanitize.

The virus lasts for up to 9 hours in a cloth, so you wash and dry it in the sun for 2 hours.

If we have this virus in our hand, we have 10 minutes so sanitize the hand.

According to experts, the virus is destroyed at higher temperatures. Drink hot water, so this virus can enter the mouth in any way. The virus is destroyed in heat. Experts say the temperature is warmer at 26-27 degrees, so try to eat hot foods all the time. Just skip the no fridge food.

Avoid crowded places to stay away from this virus. To all is encouraged to wash hands. Out side of home obviously use the Mask for your own safety.