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How to save money for the child future?

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How to save money for the child future?: Human society is changing with the times. There was a time when there was less attachment towards girls in the family. The expectation of a new son was high in the family. In a single family, the son is being made to read and write. On the other hand, the girl is not allowed to go to the school door.

However, coming up from all those places, today’s society is much better. With the change of time, girls are also reaching the sky of success. In all cases, the girls have put everyone in a difficult position.

In the present age, all parents want to educate their child in higher education. There are many problems in the life of parents. Middle-class families face more problems. With all this in mind, we need to make specific plans for the future. Especially for girls, make your future plans in a beautiful way. But let’s see how the plan will be. I am sharing with you the plan taken from my friend.

Boy and girl in the family mean education comes first. Because education is the first step of human development. Education is the main backbone of man from where man can achieve his own purpose.

First of all, I want money for education, girls are no exception. So you have to save money thinking about your daughter’s education. The harder it is to save, the easier it is to save.

Second, parents have to think more about girls than boys. Because it is normal for a girl to spend a lot of money during her marriage. So you have to start saving from the very beginning.

Third, danger in life can be come at any time. So I want to deal with the sudden danger. So need money saving. This will help you back up. In addition, savings plans play a vital role in any emergency.

How to do this panning?

You can never save a lot of money at once. The point is to fill the pitcher with water. In financial planning for girls, the first thing you need to do is set goals. Every day or those who get a monthly salary from your earnings, make a monthly recurring deposit. And you can do it for one year. Why do one year? Because RD will help you plan for the future.

Plan long term according to your advantage from what you get from your RD at the end of the year. And do RD again for next year’s installment. This way your savings will not be stressed. In the long run, your plan will mature when your daughter is 20-22 years old. There are a lot of good savings plans in the market now. In this case you can take the help of Bank Manager. With such a plan your son or daughter will not have any problem in higher education or girl marriage will be saved.

Then come the different types of problems. When it comes to problems, they require a lot of money. For example, in case of an accidental case, if the patient is admitted to a nursing home, a lot of money is needed. This time it is not possible for everyone to provide money suddenly. So do some health planning for the money you have made. Health insurance will help you a lot.

What is left over from the recurring deposit, you can use it in other ways. For example, travel, Christmas or festive shopping. This will reduce your wasteful spending. Then start saving plan. If you like it, you must comment.



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